Ex-president Trump asked to tell Republican supporters to get the COVID-19 jab

The former US President has been urged to talk to his party to get the vaccine. This plea was made by renowned Dr. Fauci at a news conference.  Mr. Donald Trump should encourage party members to take jab- Dr. Fauci  A chief infectious disease doctor in America has urged former President Donald Trump to encourage his party members to get the vaccines. '' This will be a game-changer if this happens as he is a very prominent figure among Republicans '' Dr. Anthony Fauci said. In recent statistics in the US, more than 50% of Republicans are not interested in getting vaccines. This will be a huge setback for the Biden administration as they continue their vaccination process. In an event last month, Donald Trump said everyone should try to get the vaccine. The ex-President hasn't said much about the vaccine in recent times  This is the first time he would say anything about vaccines since, however, since then, he has kept mum. The ex-president was vaccinated for the last two months and did... See more