Chancellor Merkel CDU party in turmoil after a dismal showing in regional elections

The party of the current chancellor is in crisis as they lose crucial elections in German regions. Party members are sad that this may be the beginning of the end for the party.

German Chancellor party suffers a huge loss 

The CDU, from which the German leader, Angela Merkel comes from has incurred several defeats in three crucial polls on the weekend. There have been many grievances about how the Covid-19 pandemic has been handled, which might have affected the polls. 

The weekend defeat in places like Baden-Wuerttemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate has raised some pertinent questions on the capacity of the CDU to be successful in the September General polls when the citizens will determine who succeeds Merkel. 

'' Things need to change, and they can continue to be going on. '' Der Spiegel said.

In the western region of Baden-Wuerttemberg, the Green party won by 32% of the total votes while the CDU had about 24%. Also, close states like Rhineland-Palatinate saw the social Democratic Party winning again with 36%, while the CDU could only muster 27%. 

CDU chieftains say this is a bad day

This is the worst showing of the CDU party since the world wars.

"This is a bad day for us, 'said Paul Ziemiak who is the secretary to CDU. However, for the Green party, there were smiles everywhere."

This is a bright start for us, and we are sure we will do better by September.' Robert Halbeack, a leader of the greens said happily. He hopes that the peaceful nature of the elections will continue as future elections close up. 

The CDU downfall started about two years ago with the resignation of some lawmakers who said they were bribed to endorse deals. Also, the abysmal handling of the coronavirus finally hit the nail on the head, as several people lost their lives to the virus with the slow rate of vaccinations also a major concern.

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